Monthly Meetings

Washington, NC Waterfront

Beaufort County Genealogical Society meets the first Tuesday of each month except July and August at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 80 Cedar Circle, Washington, NC at 7:00 pm unless other wise announced. Click here for directions.

Our next meeting is 1 September, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 80 Cedar Circle, Washington, NC.  We are privileged to have Leonard Lanier, Assistant Curator, with the Museum of the Albemarle,t  to be our guest speaker. He is also affiliated with the new NC Civil War History Center in Fayetteville, NC and will speak to us about its recently launched Stories Project to collect family stories passed down to us about life during the Civil War.  It sounds like it will be very interesting.  Everyone is invited to come.

Here are two links that you might want to look at to get an idea of what this project is about and to see the NC Civil War History Center.

NC Civil War History Center:

Civil War Stories Project:


The October 6th meeting will be at the Register of Deeds, 2nd Street, Washington, NC.  Jennifer Leggett Whitehurst will tell us about all of the records stored there that are available to us for research.  She will be answering questions you may have about how to find, birth certificated, death certificated, marriage information,  deeds, etc.

The Beaufort County Genealogical Society will continuing the sessions on how to do genealogical research at our November meetind.  It is FREE to everyone who would like to attend. The sessions will be approximately 30 minutes each with additional time for questions.  There is a total of 15 sessions.  Everyone is invited to come to any or all of the sessions.


Need assistance? Interested in purchasing our publications?

Book orders should be sent to Louise Cowell, PO Box 1089, Washington, NC  27889-1089, or she may be contacted by e-mail with questions. For available titles, please click here.

All questions and other correspondence should be sent to Willene Brinn either at PO Box 1089, Washington, NC 27889-1089 or to her by e-mail.