About BCGS

Our History and Charter Members

In 1985 a group of people, Leslie House, Louise Cowell, Joyce Pollard (Bell), Jean Bellamy (Caldwell), Jean Blake, Justine Bell (Bullock), Ursula Loy & Edward House, Jr. were interested in genealogy.  As a result they came together and formed the Beaufort County Genealogical Society with Leslie House being the driving force.  He became the first President of the Society and remained a member of the Society until his death in 2009.  Louise Cowell was the first Treasurer and served in this office until December 31, 2009 when she retired from the office but is still an active member.

The Charter members were: Martha Baynor, Joyce Bell, Justine Bell (Bullock), Jean Blake (D), Orelia H. Bolt, Elizabeth W. Brooks, Jean Bellamy (Caldwell), Esther Chauncey, Marleta Childs, Donald R. Clark (D),  Joliene Clark, Louise Cowell, Frankie Credle (D), Glenn Credle (D), Ralph Donnelly (D), Bill Dudley, Wakefield Greene, Lily Grimes, Carrie Hardison (D), Virginia Harris, Virginia Hollowell, Edward House, Leslie House (D), Hyde Co. Hist. & Gen. Society, Robin Tyson (Suggs), Muse James, Frances Jowdy (D), Louise Lane (D), Betty Mann, Hazel Merrill (D), Arlene Midyette, Iona Midyette (D), Virginia Ming, Tillie Moore, Gean Nelson, John Oden (D), Lida Overton, James Parker (D), Penny Paul, Harriette Riggs, Gladys Simmons (D), Sybble Smithwick, R.S. Spencer, Jr., Olga Swift (D), Thomas Topping, Janice Tyson, Russell Tyson, Margaret (Peg) Williams (D), Doris K. Wilson, Ellen Wrenn.  [(D) = deceased.]

Of these the following are still members:  Martha Baynor, Joyce Bell, Esther Chauncey, Marleta Childs, Joliene Clark, Louise Cowell, Virginia Hollowell, Hyde Co. Hist & Gen Society, Robin Suggs, Tillie Moore, Lida Overton, Harriette Riggs, Sybble Smithwick, R. S. Spencer, Jr., Janice Tyson & Russell Tyson.

The Society met at Brown Library at 7:00 p.m. from its inception until April 2009.  At that time the Library began closing at 7:00 p.m. thus it was necessary to find another location to meet.  We are forever grateful to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for offering their church as a meeting place.  They have also offered the Society the use of a room which we are in the process of furnishing as a library for BCGS.  This library is available to the public when the Church is open.  Check with them for the hours.  (252-946-6730)

The Society has a membership of approximately 150 across the United States.  Locally about 15 attend the monthly meetings which are the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 80 Cedar Circle, Washington, NC.  Membership for an individual is $15.00 a year and $20.00 for a family (at the same address).  The Society publishes Pamteco Tracings biannually.  In it are articles and other genealogical information given by the members for the Journal.